A little bit of me

 Wow a whole page about me!

…. boring I know


Hey there, I’m Abigail Mendoza (Also known as Abby to my friends). I’m a kid born in the year of the Dog on April 30, 1994 and raised in Laguna, Philippines. It’s more fun in the Philippines. 🙂 5’5 in height. Weight? It’s a secret. 😛 Heavy weight. 😀 I am a silent person and i love dogs. If you are going to ask what I like. Maybe my usual answer is eating. haha 😀 I also like color brown, blue, yellow and black.

Currently I am studying BSIT in Lyceum of the Philippines – Laguna and aspiring to be a professional programmer someday. 😀 I don’t really know why I took this course but time by time I am loving it and suprisingly I am now 4th year student. Sad to say i am not good in anything but I try my best to know a little bit of something. I play offline computer games. To be honest I am a computer addict. I have many dreams and one of it is to help my family. Since elementary I know my responsibility as the eldest child of my parents. A responsibility that I need to study hard for my future and also a responsibility that will help my parents in financing my siblings study. So far as a student I do my best to help my parents in paying my tuition fee. During summer I work like last election I worked as a PCOS technician. I hope the experiences I gained from my past work will help in my future employment.

Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to comment.


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