What is art for me?

Art is where artist or someone express their emotion or feelings. Art is a passion. To understand an artwork you have to go beyond the meaning of that art.  Everything is an art your thought, dreams, worries, issues, joy, all around you is an art.

Here is an example of an art for me. It shows different kind of aspects like love-sex, marriage, sadness, violence, envy, terror, pleasure or pain. We can have different opinions in an art but the true meaning behind it may come from the artist who made it.


A little bit of me

 Wow a whole page about me!

…. boring I know


Hey there, I’m Abigail Mendoza (Also known as Abby to my friends). I’m a kid born in the year of the Dog on April 30, 1994 and raised in Laguna, Philippines. It’s more fun in the Philippines. 🙂 5’5 in height. Weight? It’s a secret. 😛 Heavy weight. 😀 I am a silent person and i love dogs. If you are going to ask what I like. Maybe my usual answer is eating. haha 😀 I also like color brown, blue, yellow and black.

Currently I am studying BSIT in Lyceum of the Philippines – Laguna and aspiring to be a professional programmer someday. 😀 I don’t really know why I took this course but time by time I am loving it and suprisingly I am now 4th year student. Sad to say i am not good in anything but I try my best to know a little bit of something. I play offline computer games. To be honest I am a computer addict. I have many dreams and one of it is to help my family. Since elementary I know my responsibility as the eldest child of my parents. A responsibility that I need to study hard for my future and also a responsibility that will help my parents in financing my siblings study. So far as a student I do my best to help my parents in paying my tuition fee. During summer I work like last election I worked as a PCOS technician. I hope the experiences I gained from my past work will help in my future employment.

Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to comment.